Forum Guidelines
1) All topics, messages and replies are fully moderated so we can all enjoy a non-abusive forum. This may result in a delay from messages been posted to them actually been displayed.

2) Please could you refrain from using "text" language on the forum. If people persist in using it then appropriate action will be taken.

3) Swearing or abusive language will not be tolerated either on the forum or in PM (Private Message). If anyone is experiencing abusive PM's, then please foward the message to the Forum Administrator.

4) Messages which contain swearing or abusive phrases will not be displayed on the message board. Action will be taken on people who constantly persist to post such things.

5) Moderators reserve the right to edit any posts where it seems fit to do so. Words or short phrases may be changed to keep the board clean. The view that has been expressed in a particular message will never be changed, only the way that it is portrayed could be.

6) All email addresses which are used to sign up for the forum must be real. If we need to contact you regarding issues on the forum then we need to have accurate details.

7) Discussion regarding players/coaching staff's personal lives will not be tolerated on the forum. It is acceptable to question playing ability where it is seen fit too as we are all fans of the game. However any kind of comments/rumours regarding players/coaching staff's personal lives will not be posted and the offender could be suspended/banned from the forum.

8) Messages which are posted in an agressive tone or manner will not be posted. These kind of messages will lead to messages of a higer offense been posted in return. We are a family club and want to make the forum available for ALL ages. Please keep the banter light-hearted so it is suitable for all ages.

9) Whitehaven RLFC can not be held responsible for the content of external links on this website.

10) The views expressed on this forum are not the views of Whitehaven RLFC. The club can not be held accountable for the views of individuals who participate on this forum.

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