I tried InvisionFree and Phpbbforfree and honestly, those services don't compare with Forum For Free. I noticed many things I liked with FFF, like the fact that you can customize a LOT. In fact, with all the options available, I am pretty sure it is possible to do whatever you want. When I started my board, I didn't know ANY PHP or HTML. Not ANY. Yet, look at my board now. With the staff helping you, it ins't a miracle to do something you will be proud to have.
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Home FAQ's Can I use a .tk or other domain forwarding service?
Can I use a .tk or other domain forwarding service?
Yes you can. There are some issues that you will have to deal with, but these are explained in this post on the support forums:
Using a .tk with Forum For Free

If you are using our PHPBB service then we recommend that you do not use a .tk url forwarding service. The PHPBB service from ForumForFree has extra search engine friendly techniques installed which a .tk url will ruin.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 03 May 2005 )
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