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> Considerate Posting, Lets not end up like the Marras Board
  Posted: Dec 9 2005, 06:11 PM
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Hello folks

Just a light-hearted and gentle reminder to show consideration when posting.

We, here on the Official Haven Forum are a brilliant lot and there are some great debates amongst ourselves and visiting posters from others clubs.

We love to see the constructive debate and discussions going on and I am sure Club Officials who read this forum have gained an excellent insight to the excellent ideas and suggestions you all put forward. On the whole, the postings made by both Haven supporters and visiting supporters are top notch but just recently one or two messages are getting a little silly.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with light-hearted banter and joking but all it takes is for one or two to start getting a little over-zealous and we are in the same league as the old Marras Site. And that is not a brush we want to be tarred with. We pride ourselves on having a good reputation - lets keep it that way.

Lets keep the posts fun, constructive and most of all considerate.

Thanks for your time and co-operation

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Posted: Dec 9 2005, 06:32 PM
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I agree with MrsH here. On the whole the messages and banter has been superb! We have fans from all clubs on here and i think it is vital to do so for the atmosphere of the board.

However a few of messages recently have declined in quality which in turn brings the overall image of the board down. We are a very successful forum and one of the biggest club forums in existance.

Please remember that we are officially connected to the club and to an extent, this board does reflect on the club. We are one of the few clubs who actually run an official forum. Many clubs do not want to get involved because of the legal implications that could be occur if the quality of the messages isnt kept high.

Our club is different though! Lets make sure we are an example to other clubs and show them that official club forums can work!


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