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  • My Aplogises
    I wont be around so much this week as going in for a big operation...
  • Co-admin Problems
    ok in my forum i made one of my friends a co-admin but we had...
  • Avatars
    Ok I know you can make a Avatar gallery is there anyway I can change...
  • Admin Please Help!~~
    My forum which is register to freeforum has down..can u please help to restore to...
  • Sign Up
    when will the Sign up form be running again?.....i really need a forum for my...
"I love forumforfree. They are the best "Free" forumhoster I have used. Forumhoster, ibpforfree, ibpfree, invisionfree, and forumer can't compare to the service here at FFF. The support board is active and very helpful. I love my FFF board."
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Welcome to Forum For Free PhPBB
Monday, 19 April 2004
Forum For Free offer free forum hosting, with automatic, easy creation.  Your free message board will be instantly activated - all that is required is your email address, it takes about 1 minute to sign up, and a further 30 seconds to have your forum fully functional and installed on one of our dedicated servers. Please click here to create your free forum instantly. Otherwise please have a look around this site using the menu on the left to learn more.

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    Last Updated ( Thursday, 08 December 2005 )
    PHPBB server Number 3
    We now have PHPBB server number 3 online and ready to accept sign ups. You can sign up for your Free PHPBB forum by clicking one of the links above.
    PHPBB Server 3 has the same features as Server 2 which means all free forums are completely search engine friendly with titles of your topics appearing in the urls. This means your forum will come higher up in the search engines for each of your free forums topics.
    Last Updated ( )
    Free IPB Forums now available...
    Thursday, 21 July 2005
    We are happy to announce that our third IPB server is now open for sign-ups. If you would like an Invision Power Board 1.3 forum then you must sign up at Free IPB Forum. IPB forums have more features and are more customizable than PHPBB forums. However, they are much more complicated for new users to get to grips with and they are not as search engine friendly as our phpbb forums.  If you are a beginner to forum administration then we recommend you use a free PHPBB forum.
    New PHPBB Video Tutorials
    We now have video tutorials here at Forum For Free to help new admins get used to managing their forums. There are videos for all sorts of the features of our free messageboard system from basic configuration to dealing with member groups and ranks. The videos require the shockwave flash plugin to be installed in your browser. You can view the videos by selecting PHPBB Tutorials from the main menu of the Forum For Free homepage.
    Last Updated ( Thursday, 21 July 2005 )
    PHPBB Forums now available..
    Tuesday, 03 May 2005
    You can now have your own PHPBB forum here at Forum For Free.  In the past we have been using Invision Power Board as the base for our software. We will continue to provide this service but we are adding to our services by providing free PHPBB forums. For the first week we will be providing only PHPBB forums. Currently free Invision Board signups are disabled, but they will be back in about a week. 
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